925 Silver Hallmarks

A guide to hallmarked silver

When buying silver products its best to know a little about the differences there can be in quality. At celticdesirejewellery.com we provide the following information as a guide to the quality of our products, we have included links to impartial information regarding 925 silver, silver standards and silver plating.

Our 925 Sterling Silver Products

All items over 7.84 grams come with the british hallmark.

925 sterling silver products are 92.5% Silver and bear a British hallmark.

The hallmark guarantees that the artical has been independently tested a British assay office, and that it conforms to one of the legal standards of purity for 925 sterling silver.

UK assay Office Marks

UK assay Office Marks

A British hallmark consists of the following symbols.

Typical Hallmark

Sponsor’s Mark, Traditional Fineness Mark of Sterling Silver, Fineness Mark, Assay Office Mark, Year

For more information on british hallmarking please visit the British assay offiices current hallmarks page, or for more comprehesive information of world hallmarks please visit wikipedia’s page on hallmarking.

For more information on 925 sterling silver standards please visit Wikipedia’s page on sterling silver.

Our Silver Plated Products

Our silver plated products use brass, copper, nickel or steel as a base metal and are plated using 6 microns (20 for cutlery) of solid silver using a standard electroplating silver plating technique.

For more information on silver plating please visit Wikipedia’s page on silver plating .

If you have any further questions about hallmarks, please dont hesitate to contact us.

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